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Does pollution effect the quality of life in your community? There are things we can do:

  • join a service group or club.

  • learn more about cleaner ways to live 

  • choose clean energy; not wasting so much

  • use non-disposable items

  • cleaning up what is already dirty.

  • protect  our clean drinking water


 Prevention is the most effective, our world population is growing exponentially, and our clean water is shrinking. Water is our most precious resource. When it is gone it's gone.


Take a stand, check out some of the projects that  these  non-profit organizations are involved in by clicking on the logos /icons found on our At Your Service page, participate in our  questionaires, send in your your photos, action plans, contact info and  written consent to share your   thoughts on my website and lets start a dialogue.

Or if that's not your thing, Shop at

Shop at 

 Are you needing a great gift idea?

Have you Seen Rebel With A Cause? Make a thought provoking  statement with the label Rebel With A Cause clothing, shoes, skateboards, bags, purses, novelty items, and accessories. is a non-political shopping site sharing space with non political and educational  non profit organizations. Preservation is for everyone.mall

Get involved, lets keep our world  beautiful,





For people that care, and have something to say...

"Nothing is

particularily hard

if you divide it

into small jobs."

Henry Ford

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