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Rebel With A Cause

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Rebel With a Cause a new clothing, shoes, skateboards, bags, purses and accessories ink patch image and label design. Rebel With a Cause has two versions of the label and ink patch messaging. The first is a discrete label and message patch, that barely changes the appearance of your purchase. A subtle show of support for a cause you believe in.

The second is a more dramatic repetitive patterning of the ink patch image with a plain side (if product allows) displaying the Rebel With A Cause label, creating two distinct fashion statements in one. An affordable practical purchase. A bold rebel human, not afraid to spread the message loud and clear would clearly choose this as a preferred style.

Rebel With A Cause chooses causes that are near and dear to them. Their goal is to educate, bring awareness of need for change, and show concern for the issues that effect our lives.

Currently, Rebel With A Cause is working on two ongoing patch campaigns. (label and ink patch close ups, shown below)

Save the Whales From Pollution (Save the Whales from Pollution (kids) adults can wear it too, I don't want to discriminate lol) and Water Our Highest Priority. You are invited to explore, participate in the questionnaires, read the brief terms and conditions, privacy and copyright page. Find the join button on the home page to keep current with our newest campaign products and services, participate in contests. Watch for the February campaign Rebel with a Cause- Oil and Water to start showing up on your blog feed.

Take a stand, display your inner spirit and show your community in your own individual Rebel With A Cause way that you care. Shop for the Rebel in your life (every family has one) at Rebel With A Cause clothing, shoes, skateboards, bags, purses and accessories exclusively at Label and ink patches proudly created in Canada.

Keeping our world beautiful,


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