whenyouwantitmall.com is open for business

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

whenyouwantitmall.com is pleased to announce their grand opening.

whenyouwantitmall.com is a non political shopping site, selling men's, women's and children's clothing, skateboards and shoes, novelty gifts and accessories, sharing space with non-political clubs, service groups and societies. As part of the shared space for non-profits program, we are looking for audience participation. For example: one of whenyouwantitmall.com's pages is called At Your Service. On this page you are encouraged to send in your non-profit logo and link to be displayed at no charge.

On the world stage is a map where you can send in a response to the question of the month. For fun and curiosities sake we will map our pollution and publish photo's with descriptions of environmental impact. I am hoping to bring attention to issues that are effecting our beautiful world, and connecting the community to a network of people who are accustomed to getting things done.

If that doesn't sound like your thing you can go shopping at Rebel With A Cause. Rebel With A Cause, makes it easy for you to show your inner rebel with a discrete label and patch, or if you are a more blatant rebel and prefer a more obvious messaging system than there are options for you to get the message out loud and clear.

Rebel with A Cause has started out with two different campaigns, Rebel With A Cause - Save the Whales from Pollution and Rebel With A Cause- Water Our Highest Priority. In February watch for Rebel With A Cause- Oil and Water.

We are starting a Family Life store- a tongue in cheek look at the trials and tribulations in the modern day family.

whenyouwantitmall.com is a growing site and we look forward to your participation. Take a few minutes, explore the mall, participate in our questionnaires. We will take your names, email addresses, photo submissions from our contact us pages. whenyouwantitmall.com will publish and map what we can verify. If requested, I will try and connect you to people that can help. Henry Ford said it best, "Nothing is particularily hard if you break it into small jobs."

Trying to keep our world beautiful,